Symbolic of the Progressivism art movement, which represents the transformation of our society and holds the potential of the collapse of civilisation, coming with the end of Neoliberalism, and a transition toward great ethics initiatives, economic justice and ecological transformation.

Abstract Art: Phenomenology : The logic of sense.

Timotei uses color to undo form, to create emotion and touch the human soul. “Color holds a prominent place in the series of primordial phenomena. This is why the color as element of art may be used and can collaborate for the highest aesthetics purpose”, Goethe.

Reflection: On Technicolor – Oil on Canvas – 2m x 2m

Reflection: Red on Blue – Oil on Canvas – 1.9m x 2m

Reflection: On Red – Oil on Canvas – 1.52m x 1.22m

XXI Reflection on Technicolor, 2021 – Oil on Canvas – 200cm x 180cm

XXI-Réflection on Technicolor , 2021 – Oil on Canvas – 2m x 1.9m

“With a strong influence on the moral and ethical principles development of societies, the mission of the artist in visual art, is to give the receiver of the artistic statement, emotions and impressions to reflect upon.”

“Interactivity is a key element in today’s contemporary art. It has changed our perception of art and it challenges the role of the artist. With the rise and fall of emerging economies, Abstract Art expresses the hope and despair felt by many individuals.”

“My mission statement through my artwork is a global art initiative, with the art of collaboration: co-exist in order to save the planet with the future of sustainable business and world changing innovation.”

“Art will save the world” (Dostoiewsky)


  • 25th May – 15th August 2019, Agora Gallery, New York
  • White Space Gallery, Chelsea exhibition, 30th May 2019
  • Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York from 18th April – 8th May 2019
  • Roche Bobois JHB, French Art de Vivre Show Room, exhibition from August 2017.
  • Roche- Bobois Ajaccio, Corsica, France, French Art de Vivre Show Room, exhibition from July 2017.
  • Lazaret- Ollandini, Museum Roland Petit , Solo exhibition. Ajaccio, Corsica, exhibition Kallistea. 10th to 23rd July 2017
  • African Odyssey, City Hall, Solo exhibition: Women empowerment summit. 16th June 2017
  • Artscape Theatre Solo exhibition: Reflection. 19th to 24th April 2017
  • Art Auction Taj Hotel for the MPTBF – 16th March 2016
  • Winner of the Contemporary Art of Excellence award 2017 volume cover
  • Roche Bobois Cape Town, French Art de Vivre Show Room, from 2015.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci salon lounge exhibition – 25th November 2015,
  • Salon Lounge Exhibition – November 2015, Leonardo Da Vinci Gallery, Cape Town
  • Fast Co-Exist Interactivity – July 2015 Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Fast Co-Exist Reflection – May 2015 Exhibition, New York, USA
  • Bokeh Fashion Film Festival – June 2015 Mercedes Benz, Bedford View, Johannesburg
  • Bokeh Fashion Film Festival – March 2015
  • “Fast Co-exist Paris 2015” – Feb 2015, Hotel 15 on Orange, Cape Town.
  • “Catalyst: Interactivity”. October – November 2014 Alliance Francaise, Cape Town.
  • “Catalyst: Mondialisation”. October – November 2014 – January 2015 Saxon Hotel, Johannesburg.
  • “Catalyst: Collaboration”. 16 September 2014 Spier Hotel, Stellenbosch.
  • “Catalyst: Geometric Abstraction “. 16 September 2014 Bay Hotel, Cape Town.
  • “Absorbing Modernity “, 14th July, Mont Nelson hotel. July 2014.
  • “New perspectives in Painting “, Capago South Africa. June 2014
  • “Abstract Expressionism and prelude”, Sophie Lalonde art Gallery Gaborone, Botswana. April 2014
  • “Encounters”. Leonardo Da Vinci, Cape Town 2013.

Collector’s références

Dear Catherine,

The acquisition of the works "Reflection on blue" and "Orange On Purple" are for me and my family the opportunity to appreciate works of great quality and aesthetic sense. We are delighted to be collectors for your masterpieces. We will be aware of your works, as we are passionate about them. As soon as I receive the painting and place it in our house, I will send you photographs. Receive a cordial greeting.

Fabián Aguinaco