Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism rejects the inherited concept that art should copy nature. Abstract Expressionism re-defines the purpose of art from social consciousness to human consciousness, stressing the Universal instead of the particular. Abstract Expressionism, marks the transition from lack of subject matter to abstract content. The intellectual capital of the European masters brought to the canvas of the twenty-first century. Certain so-called Abstraction is not Abstraction at all. It is the realism of our time.

Art is being interactive, with social bounding, and constitutes a collective narrative in our own virtual reality. Interactivity is a key element in today’s contemporary art. It has changed our perception of art and it challenges the role of the artist. With the rise and fall of emerging economies, Abstract Art expresses the hope and despair felt by many individuals.

There is a deep interactivity with the Medium as the medium produces meaning.

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