African Abstract Surrealism

Timotei three-dimensional monochromatic charcoal drawings raised to the highest level, on large canvass, are magnificent vehicles for form, movement, and rhythm. She sourced inspiration in a non Western Art and surrealist abstraction integration found in African Art aesthetic and echoed in Henry Moore’s sculpture. The power of expression of the primitive was much deeper and more vital than the beauty of expression of classical forms. Moore, like Picasso, Arp, Giacometti, and Brancusi, where all influences on how to create a new vocabulary, that owes much to African and Meso American Art. Moore, like Picasso, was set free by the power of the primitive. Abstraction is back to the power of expression of the primitive as primal means of expression. “Certain so-called abstraction is not abstraction at all: on the contrary Abstraction is the realism of our time.” “Primitivism, a term denoting a perspective on non-western culture that is now seen as problematic.” African Influences in Modern Art

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