Equestrian Collection

My encounters with the past have been a prerequisite to draw inspiration and revivify the old masters with salty aplomb on my early work taking inspiration from Renaissance to contemporary art. Symbolising the Italian artistic heritage brought to the canvas of the twentieth century, Marino Marini’s work represented the artistic intensity and depth of emotion of Italian art, together with the inherent happiness of the Italian race with his sculptural and graphic work. It drowsed my enthusiasm and admiration for his fiery and ardent equestrian painting, and have stimulated my emotions exuding from this simplified  forms which vibrate in space and  have been worked with such indomitable strength. Modelled with a skill, which goes back centuries in time, his horses appear hairless, or the muzzle stretched out in a frantic manner, bursting with energy. The amazon, a fine filigree, the very sweetest apparitions of the female form, small glimpses of paradise on earth; bold strokes, vigorous contrasts of light and shade, and vibrant colours.

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